Raymond W. Baker welcomes the opportunity to speak with undergraduate and graduate students about financial secrecy, inequality, and democracy. He has spoken to students at Harvard, Yale, Wharton, Stanford, University of Sussex, and many other schools around the world, both in person and virtually. 

Format:  Raymond can tailor the format of his presentation, such as an hour-long lecture, a 20- or 30-minute talk, or a Q&A directed by faculty members or students. Presentations can be in person or via Zoom. In-person talks can include a social gathering for more personal interactions.   

Topics: The main theme of Raymond’s talks is financial secrecy and how it harms the economy, democracy, and society. Raymond can adapt his presentation to a specific course curriculum. Sample topics include:

  • Business and Society:  Is capitalism today helping or hurting across a range of social issues including economic inequality, racial justice, gender balance, political grievances, and more? 
  • Trade Legitimacy:  How much trade is conducted outside of legal frameworks? Is this an issue of concern and, if so, what can be done about it?
  • Money Laundering:  How much money is laundered, and by what means? Who is harmed by money laundering? Who is responsible, and what can be done about it?
  • Banking:  What bank business practices enable the financial secrecy system? What business-as-usual practices need to change to rein in the financial secrecy system?
  • Accounting and Auditing:  What accounting practices enable the financial secrecy system? What business-as-usual practices need to change to rein in the financial secrecy system?
  • Board Reform:  In order to address inequality and other societal issues, should the call for workers’ representation on boards of directors be enacted into law, and should ESG reporting be required? 
  • Financial Reporting:  In the interest of financial transparency, should corporations be required to file publicly available tax returns on every entity, and should corporation accounts and tax returns be reconciled? 
  • Corporate Taxation:  To assure that companies pay their fair share, what is the appropriate level of corporate taxation and should there be a minimum level of taxation across the country and the world?
  • International Development:  Do economic development experts adequately consider the impact of the financial secrecy system and illicit financial flows on other countries? How would an understanding of the financial secrecy system change how international organizations operate in the developing world? 

Courses:  Raymond’s presentations are most suitable for undergraduate and graduate courses in business, accounting, finance, international trade, and economic development. 

Speaking Fees:  Free with purchase of materials from Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Discounts available through the publisher.

Contact:  To schedule Raymond W. Baker for your class, please contact Jennifer Nordin at jnordin@rwbakergroup.com.